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C'est pour toi Nat!

I ordered some stuff online last friday and 3 packages arrived this week. I've bought some stuff from elf.fr, crownbrush.co.uk, maccosmetics.fr and cherryculture.com.
I didn't want to go to my nearer local mac counter which is in Geneva (Switzerland) because it's more expensive than in France, so i decided to just order online.
My package from cherryculture.com didn't arrived yet, i'm jst waiting patiently because i know it takes more than 2 weeks... so for now...here's what i got:

brush belt (16euros)
elf compact w/ mirror (1 euro)
eyeshadow brush (1 euro)
blending brush (1 euro)
foundation brush (1 euro)
blending wedges (1euro)

Crown Brush:
disposable mascara spoolie (£3.74)
flocked foam (£3.74)
crease brush (£2.49)
jumbo chisel powder (£10.26)
long handled kabouki (very small 0_O) (£6.81)
jumbo powder dome (£7.95)
large chisel blush (£4.39)

Mac Cosmetics:
Get-Away Bronze Blush
Refined Golden bronzer

I want to get the beach bronze cream bronzer but right now i'm so broke... ahahaha i've already spent alot. So i might wait until nxt year for their "destockage" where all past collections are at 50% off at the pro store in Lyon (city, where i actually live with my sister)

Anyways that's all... (Nat si tu lis ├ža, laisse un commentaire!! haha)

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  1. hi! i love elf. they have great stuff and they are really affordable. :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. visit and maybe follow my blog too? thanks! :)