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A 22 year old Law student, France born of filipino origin. Blogging for awhile but this blog is especially dedicated to my addiction for all beauty & fashion related.


Summer outfits

Here are some random outfits i wore during summer.


smokey purple look

As you can see i have one eye with make-up on and the other one with just make-up primer. I was getting ready to go and i decided to snap a pic of my make-up undone as i knew that i wouldn't even bother taking it in picture after i was done. I wanted to take a break of the usual make-up routine i do and wanted to do a smokey look. Yes it is a little bit dramatic but i loved it! I used my bad girl sleek palette.

Summer's over but here comes fall. I can wear scarfs and boots again yehey!
I know i've been MIA the whole summer but i will try to update this blog from time to time when i won't be too busy.