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Winter breeze

View from our balcony

Last saturday it snowed like crazy. I went to the airport to drop off my parents (lucky them, they're under the sun now). It started to snow at 8am then didn't stop the whole day. After that my sister & I met up with some friends. I did some major shopping, kinda went crazy, it was not even Christmas presents, but just for me =P. We had to take the bus to go home, we waited for one hour in the cold but there were no bus coming. So we decided to take a cab. I don't know why we wanted to go shopping in that crazy weather. Anyways, I 'll do another post for the things i bought this whole month of November.

We live near the airport, you can see a plane.

This remind us that Christmas is just around the corner =)


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Mac Marcel Wanders lipsticks

Lip Gloss - $22.00
Aleydis - Fuchsia
Beatrix - Golden Nude
Gertruyd - Blackened red
Mary - Light gold

Lipstick - $22.00
Catharina - Fuchsia (Cream)
Digna - Blackened red (Cream)
Gesina - Red with pink (Cream)
Martha - Golden champagne with pearl (Frost)

I can't wait for this collection to come out here in Europe. I think i'm going to get all the lipsticks, Catharina & Gesina look really nice. I don't really wear lipgloss so i don't think i'm going to get any of this collection.

Pictures source>>google


Tuesday Dinner

Poulet au curry a la Nathalie

My sister made some chicken curry for dinner. She didn't follow any specific recipe but she made it her way haha. She put some carrots and potatoes in it and she used some green curry paste & coconut milk. My mum always uses green curry paste & not curry powder.
I don't eat spicy food not because i don't like it but just because it upsets my stomach =) so i try to avoid it as much as possible. Today i made an exception, i couldn't resist it. She made it a little too spicy, i don't think my stomach will bear it.... hahaha but it was delicious.


The only thing i had to do is cook the rice. I kinda overcooked the basmati rice =S it was my first time cooking some basmati rice, and it doesn't need great skill to do that, i know =P but i failed...dunno what happened hahaha


oh my sunday

It was a pretty lazy sunday, woke up at 11am then went to the train station to drop my room mate's friend then went to eat lunch at the mall. Everything's closed on sunday except the restaurants. While there we decided to watch a movie... just like that...hahaha so we watched unstoppable which was a really good movie. I liked it && ++ Denzel Washington is one of my favourite actor <3. I'm so broke that my sister paid everything for me, haha thanks twin sis!
I'm not really good at handling my money =S i need to change that and need to control myself...

Anyways, i can't believe that its almost christmas, it makes me sad cause my parents will leave next week for a month vacation in the Philippines. They'll spend christmas there and we are staying here. I'm going to celebrate christmas with my sis, my aunt & my dogs...haha hopefully i'll be able to spend it with my cousins. It's sad and annoying knowing that they'll have fun there. I never experienced christmas and new year's in the Philippines, they say it's much more fun than here. Well that's what my friend said. I don't know. So yeah i'm not really looking forward to the holidays, moreover we won't be receiving presents from my parents boo-yah... they already gave us an early present which was ..money...hahaha and i've already spent all of it =(( I'm so stupid, i spent all of it to make-up, beauty products and clothes... i've just realized that i could have bought a plane ticket to go across the country......aaaahhhh pfffffff

2 bad for me, anyways that's all for today i guess. I usually hate sundays for some reason but today was a good day.

ohhh & btw FOTD:

Foundation>>Pure fluide mineral by maybelline #050
Blush>> bright coral by mac
Contour>> Terre d'été by miss europe #02 soleil cuivre
Powder>>msf natural medium dark

Primer>>2face shadow insurance
E/s>>lid: mac woodwinked & nars galapagos, crease: nars mekong, highlight: virgin (urban decay naked palette)
Eyeliner: essence long lasting eye pencil #02 hot chocolate
Mascara: L'oreal extra-volume collagene
Eyebrows>> mac e/s handwritten & cork

Burt's bees lipbalm
mac lipstick polished up & blankety


Blue & gold FOTD

Colors of the day blue & gold

I was inspired by the shirt i'm wearing.

Sleek Palette Storm blue & gold e/s
Urban Decay Naked Palette naked & virgin e/s
Cargo Lumière Palette gold & blue e/s
Eyebrow mac handwriten & cork e/s
Ebay fake eyelashes

bareMinerals primer
MUFE HD foundation n°155
Mac prolongwear concealer nc35
MSF medium dark
Miss europe bronzer n°2 soleil cuivre
Nars Taj Mahal blush

Burt's Bees lipbalm
Mac lipstick blankety & polished up


LOVE my Girlfriends

At the end all that matters are the people who stick with you through ups & downs.
&&I got your back girls <3