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A 22 year old Law student, France born of filipino origin. Blogging for awhile but this blog is especially dedicated to my addiction for all beauty & fashion related.


Jaime Richard

My friend Richard has launched his own clothing line on April, 14th, 2010. I can say that I am really proud of him because it has been his dream. I still remember when I used to be his model. He made this mermaid tail and i had to wear it, i couldn't walk so he put me on his desk chair that rolls, haha.
Anyway, he has just launched his own website where you can find more about his clothing brand & the spring/summer collection 2012... Go check it out!



Summer outfits

Here are some random outfits i wore during summer.


smokey purple look

As you can see i have one eye with make-up on and the other one with just make-up primer. I was getting ready to go and i decided to snap a pic of my make-up undone as i knew that i wouldn't even bother taking it in picture after i was done. I wanted to take a break of the usual make-up routine i do and wanted to do a smokey look. Yes it is a little bit dramatic but i loved it! I used my bad girl sleek palette.

Summer's over but here comes fall. I can wear scarfs and boots again yehey!
I know i've been MIA the whole summer but i will try to update this blog from time to time when i won't be too busy.




I can't believe i haven't updated my blog for 2 months now. It's been so long and i miss reading all my favourite blogs.
I was so busy with a lot of stuff lately. I don't even know if i'd be able to keep my blog alive for the next months, i have to review for my exams and pass my driving licence.
And also for the last month i managed not to buy any make-up. I told myself that i must first use all i've got before buying new stuff. Nevertheless i bought a lot of new clothes for spring and summer and the color i love and always wear is pink coral! <3
By the way i cut my hair short...



These are the products i bought last month or this first week of March

  1. Maybelline colossal volume express mascara
  2. Mac lipstick Girl about town
  3. Mac kissable lipcolour So vain
  4. Mac Penultimate eye liner Rapidblack
  5. Maybelline color sensational lipstick in coral pop
  6. Mango make-up bag
  7. OPI Katy Perry mini nail polish set
  8. Sinful colors mini nailpolish
  9. pearl studs
  10. ELF eyelid primer
  11. ELF brightening eye color browstone <3
  12. ELF dramatic fake eyelashes
  13. ELF natural fake eyelashes




So here i am sitting on my bed writing this blog entry on a friday night all alone in this empty apartment. I can't stop thinking how much i miss my friends from Geneva. It makes me miss the good old days, the HS days when everything seemed so easy.

I used to spend all my weekends in Geneva with my friend Kath who is 3 years younger than me. I met her when she was 15, so i consider her like a little sister. Every end of the yea
r we used to write a list of all the good times we had together, "nos plus belles conneries"/"nos trips" all the stupid things we laugh about. We had lot of fun together, i missed those days. Yes because now it's different since i moved to Lyon. We don't see each other that often, she got her own group of friends and it seems that we don't share the same interests anymore. It's like we grew apart.

Although i feel that way, i think we both know we'll always be there for each other. I still text her from time to time and when
i go back to Geneva we see each other. We shared so many good and bad memories together that even though we have our own life now we'll always be friends. I call her cow #1 and she calls me Gossip Girl. haha Our common friend started to call her "la cow" so i call her like that too. I call my other friend cow #2 because she's always hungry. ^^ She calls me GG because i used to know every gossip in Geneva. (it's a really small town y'a know) I know it's bad but that was back in the days.

Here's a quote i like:
“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can growseparately without growing apart.-Elisabeth Foley

Here's our 2008 list (it's in french we called it "nos periodes 2008"). It refers to some places where we liked to hang out, some people we like, some things we wanted, some things we often used to do, some stories we made up etc...

-Periode love
-Periode Josh R.
-Periode karaoke av ipod
-Periode depression
-Periode champignons
-Periode tatouage
-Periode "wanna be a rockstar"
-Periode "echange videos sur msn"
-Periode philippines
-Periode "tired of all this drama"
-Periode "je m'en fou"
-Periode las pinas girls
-Periode Boracay
-Periode "scared of him"
-Periode chelsea!!
-Periode "on regarde un film en meme temps mais chacun chez soi"
-Periode "weekend au bord du lac leman"
-Periode "starbucks"
-Periode "love me do"
-Periode "on dit la meme chose"
-Periode "on pense la meme chose"
-Periode Evidence
-Periode Ryan mon ex
-Periode twilight
-Periode gossip
-Periode ukelele
-Periode OTH
-Periode james lafferty
-Periode nostalgique
-Periode pedalo
-Periode shopping fever!

So yeah this was my moment of nostalgia... XD


MissKC027's(Kim) Giveaway

1. Who is your inspiration in life?

Both of my parents inspire me to do better in life. I've seen how hard working they are just to offer my sister and I a comfort life. I remember when i was younger i always asked my mum why i couldn't have or do what my friends had or did (like going out until late hours). They didn't spoil us nor they let us do whatever we wanted to do. I thank them for that, back then i didn't realized it but now i know. Parents know what is best for us.

2. Share with us your makeup routine.

  • Moisturize my face first
  • Apply foundation (Avene fluid foundation)
  • Concealer
  • I set everything with my msf natural in medium dark
  • Do my eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow (mostly brown colors)
  • Black eyeliner on upper lash line (blacktrack fluidline)
  • Mascara (upper and bottom lashes)
  • dark brown eyeshadow on bottom lash line
  • nude eyeliner on waterline
  • apply bronzer and blush
  • lipbalm (i don't wear lipstick that often)



Maybelline pure fluide mineral in bronze soleil #050

Mac msf natural in medium dark

Mac pro longwear concealer in nc 35

BarryM blusher in #6

Mac bronzing powder in refined golden


Too faced shadow insurance

Cargo taupe color e/s

Mac e/s in embark

Maybelline express eyeliner

Mac blacktrack fluidline


Burt's bees lipbalm

Estee lauder pure color long lasting lipstick in pinkberry



Here's my outfit of the day.

Blazer from h&m

Blouse from tout le monde en parle

Jeans from yes or no


I took the pic with my phone so sorry for the poor quality. I'm testing out this blogaway app. I dont know how to add more than 1 picture.


I'm blogging with my phone. Just want to try this blogaway application. Btw here's my face of the day.

Globetrotter at heart

I've always wanted to travel around the world and
explore different cultures. In highschool my favourite subjects were sociology and langu
ages. I don't really know why i decided to study Law in Uni ^_
I'm planning a little trip alone in August. I still have to take my driving test before. So if i d
on't pass it i won't travel anywhere. Yes i'm 22 and i still don't have my driving license. Let's
say i didn't have time to go to my driving school since i moved here in Lyon. =P Nevertheless i'm
my best to have it before the month of August. I'm going to my new driving school every day now.
Anyway i've been thinking about some cities where
i want to go. My sister will be having her 6 month internship starting from June, so she won
't be able to travel with me. I told myself that it is a good opportunity for me to travel alone. I never travel alone, i'm terrified but it will be a good experience for me.

So my number one destination for this summer is Toronto, Canada. I've already been there 10 years ago. I studied English there for 2 months. It was a great experience, i met a lot of friends. You might have noticed it, my mother tongue is not English nor Tagalog (Filipino) but French. I've lived my whole life in a small "village" (dans ma cambrousse) near the Swiss border. Since i'm at the Uni i feel like i'm losing my English, most of my classmates really suck at English. For people who supposedly studied English since grade 6, they should at least know the basic. Just to tell you that i can't even have a simple conversation with them in English. So i don't practise my English that much here. The purpose of my trip to Canada would be to improve my English. I'm planning to stay there for a month.
If not the second city where i really want to go is New York City. I've never been there but i've been to New Jersey. =P I just saw Manhanttan from far away while driving to NJ.

I also really want to go to Ireland. I saw a documentary on the tv, since then i want to visit that country. Moreover i find their Irish accent really cute. ^^

Ibiza, Spain is another choice of mine. My friends went their last year and they had lots of fun. If i'm going there, i'll be going with my friends and not alone. Ibiza is like Cancun.
If all else fails, i might just go to the Philippines and visit Davao City. =))

This is quite a long post. Sorry for my blablabla =P

(pictures source: google)

Wet n Wild mega last lip color

Sorry in advance for the bad quality of the pictures, it was taken at night and the lighting in my apartment is really bad.

(I used my roommate as a model. Here's mauve outta here with doll pink on top)

(Mauve outta here without doll pink gloss)

(Think pink with doll pink on top)

(Think pink without gloss on top)

I've been reading lots of good and bad things about these lipsticks & i wanted to give it a try. I ordered them on ebay for $2.99 + shipping $5.98. (If you don't have wet n wild available in your country you can buy some of their products on www.nonpareilboutique.com)
I received them after 2 weeks.

Product description:
Fall in love with Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color, a highly pigmented and long-lastinglipstick that delivers rich hues in semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color has a velvety texture that glides on smooth. A blend of hydrating skin-care ingredients such as Hyaluronic Microspheres , exclusive polymer complex, natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E leaves your lipsfeeling healthy and smooth. Available in 18 beautiful shades from creamy nude to hot pink.

(Mauve outta here, Mac Pink Nouveau, Think Pink)

I bought Think Pink (baby pink) and Mauve outta here (doesn't look like mauve but more like pink with a hint of purple, bordering on fuchsia).

Like it's said it's a long-lasting lipstick, so you can expect it to feel dry. Nevertheless it has Vitamins A& E which are moisturizers, so it balance the dryness. I usually avoid wearing matte lipstick too because of their drying formula.

I was quite disappointed with Think Pink. It feels dry and a bit heavy when applied. It will last a few hours and then fade unevenly. Furthermore, i don't recommend this shade for medium/dark skin tone.

I really like Mauve outta here which suits more my medium skin tone. It also feels a bit heavy when applied but doesn't dry my lips out.

They're highly pigmented, they're unscented and really cheap! The only downside is the packaging. I don't like it at all.

(Nyx round lipgloss in doll pink, mauve outta here, Pink nouveau and Think pink) with flash

(without flash)


Happy Valentine's day!

Happy heart's day!
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
Lao Tzu

OFTD Late Post!!

Iwas supposed to post this earlier but i was kind of busy. I was also supposed to post some haul entries but i guess i won't. I've been lacking on blogging lately for so many reasons. If it's because of school it might also be just because of laziness. I'm going to try my best to keep this blog alive. So this was my outfit the other day.

Blouse from tout le monde en parle (only here in France) 23 euros.
Leggings from h&m 8 euros.
Flats from my favourite store but it seems that i never paid attention to the name. I go there once a week to buy new shoes. They were only 7 euros.


Big 22 (January 23rd)

(w/ my parents )

Happy birthday to me & my twin! Big 22 i didn't see you coming... hahaha


what's in my make-up bag?

I leave all my make-up at home (parents house) and i don't keep them here in our flat (my sister's & I). I do go home every weekend, i try to but when i don't, i do make sure to take all i need with me. So i always carry a make-up bag. It used to be a bigger bag but now i try to take the absolute minimum i need.

I don't wear make-up every day, specially when i have a long day ahead of me, i don't even bother. What i do always wear is mascara and i sometimes fill in my eyebrows or put some gel. So that's the first thing i put in my make-up bag (+eyelash curler, can't live without it). Next would be my moisturizer and my exfoliating face mask.

&&Here is the list of the other products:

the essential make-up brushes for face and eyes.

-Delarom Paris hydrating purifying fluid (good for combination skin)
-Delarom Paris exfoliating face mask (this thing is amazing)
-Avène fluid foundation corrector in shade 04 honey (good for sensitive skin. I like this one because it feels like i have nothing on my face, i think it's light to medium coverage. I won't wear this for night out, it's just good for every day use.)
-Mac msf in medium dark (my favourite product ever)
-Sleek blush in flushed
-Barry M blusher in #6

-Mac pro longwear concealer in nc35
-Chanel quadra eye shadow in #19 Enigma
-Nars eyeshadow duo in Cordura(my favourite)
-Nars eyeshadow in Mekong
-Mac eyeshadow in Mulch
-Mac eyeshadow in Woodwinked
-Mac eyeshadow in Shag
-Mac eyeshadow in Cork( used for my eyebrows)
-Mac eyeshadow in handwritten (used for my eyebrows)
-Mac blacktrack fluidline
-L'Oreal extra-volume collagene
-MUFE aqua smoky lash
-Mac clear gel
-Avon superSHOCK gel eyeliner black
-Shu uemura eyelash curler

-Shiseido lipstick in #4 natural beige
-Revlon lipstick in #035 blush
-Nyx lipstick in #612 LALA
-Estee Lauder pure color long lasting lipstick in #82 Pinkberry
-Astor perfect stay transferproof lip tint & care in #102 Berry Pink
-Nyx lipgloss in#30 sorbet

i always take more than one lipstick with me, always a nude one, dark & pink one.
I don't always bring the same make-up. I change it from time to time.


Navy Blue

Instead of posting a haul (it's the sales season here in France right now...&& bought lots of make-up & clothes) i want to post this video i did weeks ago =)) I bought a new nyx eyeshadow & i wanted to try it.
One nyx eyeshadow costs 10 swiss francs (=$10.35), it's super uber expensive. It's not worth buying it in stores in Geneva. Won't buy there again, i'd rather buy it online.
Anyways, product used in the video: nyx jumbo eye pencil in black bean; nyx eyeshadow in navy blue;black eyeshadow, l'Oreal extra-volume collagen mascara.


Happy new year everyone!

I've been lacking in posting lately and this week its going to get worse. I have my exams next week and i need to review.

So until then have a nice week!!

(20 days left until my birthday)