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A 22 year old Law student, France born of filipino origin. Blogging for awhile but this blog is especially dedicated to my addiction for all beauty & fashion related.


FOTD June 16

Sun Protective Moisturizer
Camo quad concealer (medium)
Studio fix fluid (nc42)
face powder (dont knw the name)
Mac refined golden bronzer
Mac msf perfect topping
Mac blush ombre ripe peach

Too faced shadow insurance eyeshadow primer
Nyx e/s greyish brown
Nyx e/s vanilla sky
Mac e/s shadowy lady
Mac e/s sushi flower
Essence eyeliner
Milani eyeliner
Mac splashproof lash mascara
Eyebrows mac e/s handwritten & embark

My camera sucks! need to buy a new one, i tried taking a close up of my eyes but it ddnt really show the colors i used ='(


  1. love your cheeks they are very well defined

  2. tnx ^^ i do contour them so that it emphasizes them more =)

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting and following my blog; I just subscribed to yours too! And I have that exact same problem with my camera! It's so hard trying to photography my eye makeup, grrr... :(

  4. I also need a new camera (and one that is not my phone) you look gorgeous ♥

  5. So beautiful, as always!

    Cheers, Jesa

  6. love this look! looks very refreshing:D

    i have something for you at my blog! come check it out:D


  7. @Emmelie aww tnx, yeahh i need to buy a new one but for now i have to deal with it =D

    @Jesa awww thank you!! love your blog btw!

    @Carrie thank you so much for the award ^^ as soon as i'll have time i'll post it on my blog. tnx again=)

  8. very natural and pretty!

    xo nancy

  9. Beautiful!

    btw, thanks for following my blog ^^