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Good laugh, Good friends, Good start of my Summer'10

I spent some great moments w/ my friends last week before leaving for the Philippines. I won't be here in Geneva this summer, i'll miss Geneva's festival which is this big festival with lots of rides, food stand, music and lots of other stuff...Last year i also went to the Philippines, this year i'm going back for my friend's debut (18th birthday party) i'm doing her make-up. I'm pretty excited about it... not only that, i'm also going to attend a youth camp...& i'm going to see my grand-parents & sister again !!!

Anyway, It's only the beginning of the summer & already had good times, i'm looking forward to the rest of it.

Here are some pictures of last week:

Pia & I

@ the bbq, our Pastor cooking =P

Ate Tiff @ her birthday celebration

Ate Tiff disgusted by what she saw

Ate Tiff's birthday cake

This is roger

Liam, yes we are for Spain!! Vamos España!

Have a great summer guys! Enjoy the sun, the beach & the drinks!!! hehe


  1. Lovely post, u have such a cute puppy!

  2. that cake is the cutest thing! :)


  3. You've been awarded! :)

  4. aaahh so jealous!! i want to go to the philippines too!!! :D enjoy your vacation! :D

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  5. Nice pics