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So here i am sitting on my bed writing this blog entry on a friday night all alone in this empty apartment. I can't stop thinking how much i miss my friends from Geneva. It makes me miss the good old days, the HS days when everything seemed so easy.

I used to spend all my weekends in Geneva with my friend Kath who is 3 years younger than me. I met her when she was 15, so i consider her like a little sister. Every end of the yea
r we used to write a list of all the good times we had together, "nos plus belles conneries"/"nos trips" all the stupid things we laugh about. We had lot of fun together, i missed those days. Yes because now it's different since i moved to Lyon. We don't see each other that often, she got her own group of friends and it seems that we don't share the same interests anymore. It's like we grew apart.

Although i feel that way, i think we both know we'll always be there for each other. I still text her from time to time and when
i go back to Geneva we see each other. We shared so many good and bad memories together that even though we have our own life now we'll always be friends. I call her cow #1 and she calls me Gossip Girl. haha Our common friend started to call her "la cow" so i call her like that too. I call my other friend cow #2 because she's always hungry. ^^ She calls me GG because i used to know every gossip in Geneva. (it's a really small town y'a know) I know it's bad but that was back in the days.

Here's a quote i like:
“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can growseparately without growing apart.-Elisabeth Foley

Here's our 2008 list (it's in french we called it "nos periodes 2008"). It refers to some places where we liked to hang out, some people we like, some things we wanted, some things we often used to do, some stories we made up etc...

-Periode love
-Periode Josh R.
-Periode karaoke av ipod
-Periode depression
-Periode champignons
-Periode tatouage
-Periode "wanna be a rockstar"
-Periode "echange videos sur msn"
-Periode philippines
-Periode "tired of all this drama"
-Periode "je m'en fou"
-Periode las pinas girls
-Periode Boracay
-Periode "scared of him"
-Periode chelsea!!
-Periode "on regarde un film en meme temps mais chacun chez soi"
-Periode "weekend au bord du lac leman"
-Periode "starbucks"
-Periode "love me do"
-Periode "on dit la meme chose"
-Periode "on pense la meme chose"
-Periode Evidence
-Periode Ryan mon ex
-Periode twilight
-Periode gossip
-Periode ukelele
-Periode OTH
-Periode james lafferty
-Periode nostalgique
-Periode pedalo
-Periode shopping fever!

So yeah this was my moment of nostalgia... XD


  1. Geneva is a beautiful place :)

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