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Globetrotter at heart

I've always wanted to travel around the world and
explore different cultures. In highschool my favourite subjects were sociology and langu
ages. I don't really know why i decided to study Law in Uni ^_
I'm planning a little trip alone in August. I still have to take my driving test before. So if i d
on't pass it i won't travel anywhere. Yes i'm 22 and i still don't have my driving license. Let's
say i didn't have time to go to my driving school since i moved here in Lyon. =P Nevertheless i'm
my best to have it before the month of August. I'm going to my new driving school every day now.
Anyway i've been thinking about some cities where
i want to go. My sister will be having her 6 month internship starting from June, so she won
't be able to travel with me. I told myself that it is a good opportunity for me to travel alone. I never travel alone, i'm terrified but it will be a good experience for me.

So my number one destination for this summer is Toronto, Canada. I've already been there 10 years ago. I studied English there for 2 months. It was a great experience, i met a lot of friends. You might have noticed it, my mother tongue is not English nor Tagalog (Filipino) but French. I've lived my whole life in a small "village" (dans ma cambrousse) near the Swiss border. Since i'm at the Uni i feel like i'm losing my English, most of my classmates really suck at English. For people who supposedly studied English since grade 6, they should at least know the basic. Just to tell you that i can't even have a simple conversation with them in English. So i don't practise my English that much here. The purpose of my trip to Canada would be to improve my English. I'm planning to stay there for a month.
If not the second city where i really want to go is New York City. I've never been there but i've been to New Jersey. =P I just saw Manhanttan from far away while driving to NJ.

I also really want to go to Ireland. I saw a documentary on the tv, since then i want to visit that country. Moreover i find their Irish accent really cute. ^^

Ibiza, Spain is another choice of mine. My friends went their last year and they had lots of fun. If i'm going there, i'll be going with my friends and not alone. Ibiza is like Cancun.
If all else fails, i might just go to the Philippines and visit Davao City. =))

This is quite a long post. Sorry for my blablabla =P

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