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A 22 year old Law student, France born of filipino origin. Blogging for awhile but this blog is especially dedicated to my addiction for all beauty & fashion related.


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1. Who is your inspiration in life?

Both of my parents inspire me to do better in life. I've seen how hard working they are just to offer my sister and I a comfort life. I remember when i was younger i always asked my mum why i couldn't have or do what my friends had or did (like going out until late hours). They didn't spoil us nor they let us do whatever we wanted to do. I thank them for that, back then i didn't realized it but now i know. Parents know what is best for us.

2. Share with us your makeup routine.

  • Moisturize my face first
  • Apply foundation (Avene fluid foundation)
  • Concealer
  • I set everything with my msf natural in medium dark
  • Do my eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow (mostly brown colors)
  • Black eyeliner on upper lash line (blacktrack fluidline)
  • Mascara (upper and bottom lashes)
  • dark brown eyeshadow on bottom lash line
  • nude eyeliner on waterline
  • apply bronzer and blush
  • lipbalm (i don't wear lipstick that often)

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