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Tuesday Dinner

Poulet au curry a la Nathalie

My sister made some chicken curry for dinner. She didn't follow any specific recipe but she made it her way haha. She put some carrots and potatoes in it and she used some green curry paste & coconut milk. My mum always uses green curry paste & not curry powder.
I don't eat spicy food not because i don't like it but just because it upsets my stomach =) so i try to avoid it as much as possible. Today i made an exception, i couldn't resist it. She made it a little too spicy, i don't think my stomach will bear it.... hahaha but it was delicious.


The only thing i had to do is cook the rice. I kinda overcooked the basmati rice =S it was my first time cooking some basmati rice, and it doesn't need great skill to do that, i know =P but i failed...dunno what happened hahaha


  1. do you guys still have some leftovers? haha wow! I def want some of that chicken curry. :D